Art websites for scientists and other heroes

RNA Studio develops websites using a process that feels more like art making than design. Projects are guided by inspiration from client stories and organized by goals and milestones rather than a typical project plan.

Websites are developed for clients who are looking to satisfy a vision, and they fall into three groups.

The first group is exacting and sophisticated. They want function and beauty in a neat package.

The second group wants cool, fun, and exciting. They want their website to reflect their character, to stand out in a fun and memorable way.

The third group wants it all.

RNA Studio designs websites that may be big and complex yet are easy to navigate, that may feel surprising or look out of the ordinary yet are welcoming, and that are always functionally rigorous and aesthetically refined.

Planning and design are treated as creative activities and the client is guided through an itinerant process based on 13 years of experience. Milestones are used to evaluate progress and formal client sign offs of work at key intervals create respect for the process by giving weight to decisions. All possible care is taken to ensure that short and long term goals of the project are met.

The process is described in as much or as little detail as the client wants and needs to make informed decisions, the effects of which can be placed in both the immediate and longterm context.

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Brian Cox Lab homepage

Cox Systems Biology Lab, University of Toronto

Watercolour graphics inspired by the function of the placenta, the focus of study in a lab with a systems biology approach.

Boone Lab website

Boone Lab, University of Toronto

A groovy design for a biochemistry reserach lab located at the Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto, Canada.

U of T Biochemistry Department website

Department of Biochemistry University of Toronto

A new logo and abstract raster graphics gives each page of this extensive website a binding identity.

Dr. Grant Brown Laboratory website

Dr. Grant W. Brown Laboratory, University of Toronto

Colourful "cellular" creatures inhabit the pages of this lab's small website. (Maintained by client.)

Too Cool for School website

Too Cool for School Art & Science Fair, Harbourfront, Toronto 2010


Wordpress based site with colourful, hand drawn art conveys the DIY zeitgeist of this Harbourfront project.

Sidhu Lab website

Sidhu Lab, Donnelly Centre,
University of Toronto


Minimalist logo, abstract background graphics, and elegantly coloured text.

Dr. Igor Stagljar website

Dr. Igor Stagljar Laboratory, Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto

Hand drawn"Jack Kirby" comics style convey the humour and team spirit of this lab.

Online Biochemistry Course website

Online Biochemistry Course, University of Toronto

A bold, colourful design that matches the hosting department website

Sidhu Lab website

OTIP Teaching Awards, Ontario

(Maintained by client.)

Photo based, crisp visual design is backed by a database for the online teacher nomination process..

 of Big Data Across Disciplines, OIST website

of Big Data, OIST, Japan

A fresh identity for the 2013 integrative biology course at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), Japan.

Toronto Celiac website

Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association

Cheerful, modern colours and plenty of photos create a lifestyle magazine feel. (Maintained by client.)

Integrative Health Institute website

Integrative Health Institute, Toronto

(Maintained by client)

Strong visual identity and lush website in a style similar to lifestyle magazines.

Bishop Lab website

Bishop Lab, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada


"Scientifically correct" iillustrations fly through this page. PagP never looked so good!