About RNA Studio

Magda Wojtyra founded RNA Studio in 2001 as an art and design company to create websites and visual identity graphics for modern heroes.

RNA Studio provides a boutique agency level of design finesse and technical expertise at a price and mode accessible to clients in the educational, scientific research, and health communities, as well as others in the non-profit sector. The ultimate goal is to build the glorious now by championing the the pursuit of knowledge and compassion, both of the world and of self, by communicating and sharing the work of society's sometimes unsung heroes that rarely make it to the glossy billboards.

The creative direction for websites and all projects is developed through a process akin to making art. Ideas are often inspired by client stories, personalities, or even hobbies, and all projects seek to give marvellous form to essential content. (Similar to the role of biological rNA in the process of protein production.)

Formal Training

Magda Wojtyra has degrees in Environmental Studies and Architecture from the University of Waterloo, Canada, supplemented by courses in photography and pre-press from Ryerson Polytechnic and Ontario College of Art. Prior to founding RNA Studio she worked for architectural firms in Toronto and New York City. Throughout her education and professional training she actively sought out projects that used websites and digital tools as integral parts of the design process and design presentation.

RNA Connective

RNA Studio grew out of RNA Connective (1999 to 2001), a multidisciplinary cultural research team affiliated with the McLuhan Centre at the University of Toronto. Magda founded the connective to study issues of communication, community, and social and individual identity in the digital age. The resulting projects ranged from editorial articles for Italian Domus Magazine to group participation in international conferences in the roles of brainstorming consultants. The most fun was simply attending the weekly meetings and hearing what members and guests had to share on a topic.

Cultural Immersion

Continuing in that spirit, projects made by RNA Studio benefit from inspiration and best practice gathered through a very wide range of activities. Magda networks online in forums and discussion boards and maintains a variety of online presences. She attends events and networks in the world wide world with professionals and enthusiasts from an eclectic cultural milieu. Minds mined include artists and designers, educators and scientists, academic researchers and businessmen, journalists and world travelers, language and communication technology experts, ecologists and hackers - the list goes on! Perhaps most importantly, RNA Studio actively participates in and pays close attention to do it yourself culture.


Ontario Teachers' Federation

National Geographic

Department of Biochemistry, University of Toronto

Department of Biochemical and Biomedical Science, McMaster University

Toronto Public School Board

The Toronto Design Exchange

Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

Crane Lake Resort, Ontario

Paul Raff Architect

Moffat Kinoshita Architects

St.Thomas Hospital, NHS England

Domus Magazine, Italy

Toronto Principals' Centre

Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association